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easyPCOSlife is always supported by a team of Therapists, Coaches, Psychologists, Nurses, Experienced PCOS women and Doctors who will understand you and check what is the best way for you to get the results you desire.
We know health is holistic so we are aligned with our beliefs, thoughts and actions.
Sometimes hostipals forget that mind and body are connected and depresion,, anxiety are directly related to the difficulty to get pregnant, to feel exhausted, to start a healthy lifetyle.

Contraceptive Pills are usually the only solution doctors talk about. Well…
First of all they ARE NOT A SOLUTION at all. If you do have your period with these pills it is actually not your period, it is bleeding from deprivation.

It might also help you see some improvements about some symptoms. It looks like your hormones are more balanced … but what happens in reality is that you body stops producing those hormones because it is getting those chemistry components similar to the hormones our body is supposed to produce by itself. These pills are making your body lazy, it stops working as is supposed to do and substituting a healthy reproductive body into a useless hormonal system.

In addition, contraceptive pills cause:

– Migraines
– Depression and anxiety
– Mood swings
– Higher risk for some cancer types, heart desseases
– Changes in your weight
– Etc.

The E.A.S.Y. System has been created by experts all around the world after the founder´s research, educational background, and tested results. Moreover, you will be able to have our whole team support!


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