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What is the first step for the PCOS healing process?



How to Improve Your Natural Health :

Did you try to loose weight, improve your skin, ovulate… but NO LUCK?

Nature is wise. Your body will answer to right stimulus. And it is EASIER than you think!

All you need is greater amount of motivation. The mindset comes before your diets, your exercise plan, your medicine. Without managing these there are no possible results.

You know, motivation is a source of energy that your any act requires. If you don’t have any motivation, you cannot think of your health irrespective of what sort of problem you face.

If you learn how to manage your thoughts anything else fall in place As a large amount of scientific articles demonstrate:

“The results suggest that rumination may be associated with health-related measures in the elderly. Thus, negative thoughts may be detrimental to health, independently of negative affect”



Thomsen, D., Mehlsen, M., Hokland, M., Viidik, A., Olesen, F., Avlund, K., Munk, K. and Zachariae, R. (2004). Negative Thoughts and Health: Associations Among Rumination, Immunity, and Health Care Utilization in a Young and Elderly Sample. Psychosomatic Medicine, 66(3), pp.363-371.

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