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Depression and Fatigue PCOS

My PCOS friend, if you are one of those who feel exhausted day after day … this is your place.

FATIGUE is one of the most common and most disabling symptoms of PCOS, but there are diverse reasons why you might be feeling exhausted:

1. PSYCHOLOGICAL CAUSES : thousands of studies have confirmed this, demotivation is one of the biggest causes of feeling tired, with no desire to get up early, exercise, go out, have fun, dance, be active, etc.

Often also, the lack of motivation does not come alone: ​​low self-esteem, a job that does not fill us, a relationship in which we do not feel good or we are exhausted, etc.

If you have SOP and you are in this situation there are several things you can do: the first is to START SOMETHING.
The mind is super hyper ultra powerful mega so, although as we will see later on a healthy lifestyle, vitamins, techniques and resources of emotion management, can help … the vicious circles of depression they only interrupt if, without wanting, you start something. A walk? A conversation with a positive influence? A movie that helps inspire you? TEDtalk talks about people who have overcome adversity and serve as examples? Painting classes? Boxing? Everything serves to break the circle of lack of motivation. Everything brings you closer to your goal than lying down complaining.

We have talked about the INNER IMPROVEMENTS you can do for yourself or with the help of professionals at the therapeutic level but … where is the easyPCOSlife here? IS THERE ANY WANGLE? Yes, there is !!!!!!!!


2.1. Set achievable short term goals and celebrate them, it will increase your DOPAMINE.
What is dopamine?
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for our pleasure, ecstasy, satisfaction, celebration of achievements, etc. When we celebrate our achievements or fall in love, our brain releases dopamine and generates a feeling of well-being, pleasure or even euphoria.
Fall in love?
Be healthy, do what you love (it is actually the first thing we stop doing when depressed, watch out! If you do this, you are closer to love yourself, be proud of you, love life, be surrounded with like minded people,…

The release of dopamine regularly into our bloodstream is a positive fact, as its lack is closely related to numerous health problems.

As we said, very often, the lack of dopamine can be diagnosed by any of these symptoms:


Lack of motivation
Feeling of low energy
Parkinson’s disease
Bad digestion



2.2 Healthy lifestyle, friends with smiles and sun to create SEROTONIN. Serotonin is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. Unlike dopamine, serotonin does not have the stimulating effects on the brain, so it can only be inhibitory and non-excitatory.

However, it also has an important role in the brain. It makes you calm or in a good mood. Serotonin helps regulate appetite, the sleep cycle, inhibits violence and suppresses pain.
When you remember the great achievements you have made in life, there is a release of serotonin in the brain. But even exposure to sunlight can trigger this increase due to the provision of vitamin D from light.

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