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If you have PCOS you can choose

If you have PCOS you can choose

When I say that being diagnosed with PCOS means that  “you can choose” or even that “PCOS can be reversed” I did´t explain yet this comes with a great responsibility and commitment:
1) Learn about yourself
2) Then identify your weaknesses and your strengths
3) Create your own reality because otherwise your brain will do, it will cheat, it will create its own reality and you will believe it (just as fear will prefer anything instead of uncertain if you do not identify)

How? Look at this video:



Where is the healthy food here, then? Where are the medicines, the supplements, the sports?

It will depend on how you identify yourself, what your weak points are, the strong points and what reality you create.

Just say;
-The “victim of SOP” is the most expensive, closest to the fears and the comfort zone, which needs more products. In addition, like everything in life, doing nothing in the end is expensive.

– the “confident girl who believes in the opportunity for personal growth and development, healthy and strong” because of their healthy choices is the cheapest because exercise is cheaper than anxiety or depression.

So … What reality are you creating for yourself?