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PCOS and mood swings

What if we stop judging ourselves?

We are many things, with many emotions and many skills: we wear many hats in a day.

What if we hug every version of you and accept we are different persons in one body?

Who do you want to be NOW is the only thing you need to train.

What if we stop getting obsessed with PCOS? what will it happen about mood swings?

What if you could learn how to choose the way you feel?



46% of women diagnosed with PCOS have #depression
59% of women diagnosed with PCOS have #anxiety
99% of women diagnosed with PCOS are awesome and they don´t realize.


Now, we believe mood swings is withing PCOS but, in reality, you can reverse between 80% and 95% of the PCOS symptoms

Would you like to be able to choose how you feel?  Then everything will be in place, I promisse.

You are not alone

#PCOS #emotions #moodswings #selfsteem #pcoscoach

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