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My love for Holistic Health and Women´s Power brought me here: to easy PCOS life.

Are you experiencing frustration because you cannot control what is going on in your body? Have you seen hair in places you do not want to have hair? Do you hear yourself constantly complaining about PCOS? Taken a massive hit to your self-esteem and wondering – when will this ever end?

I can honestly say – hand on my heart that – I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!

So I was diagnosed at 17 because I had no period AND maybe just like you I felt the doctors were not nice. In fact they made me feel like some kind of alien
(full of male hormones – that make me feel not sexy not feminine and not like a 17 year old girl SHOULD!)

They had no empathy – they just handed me a prescription and sent me on my way

I found that the pills made me depressed and FAT!

I felt like taking the pill and getting your period meant I was healthy and everything was fine

HOWEVER – the hair, the mood swings, and my self-esteem hit rock bottom I did not want to hang out with friends who were girly because I felt like the odd one out.

My mind was not my own…

The pills would make me feel depressed. I tried different brand but none of them brought the results I was looking for.

Therefore, I would eat… WAAAAY more than I needed (can you relate?) and as a consequence, in my worst days I was making myself sick because I felt guilty about what I ate so the vicious cycle would continue

Doctors are awesome, but I know we get tired of being treated as we are all the same.

Somethig is clear on my mind:

“There are as many kind of PCOS as women”

I realized it was time to do something: There HAD to be a solution.

I started researching everything about PCOS:

– Every group,

– Every article,

– Every association… I got obsessed!

I talked to girls with PCOS so I created like a support net that finally made me feel understood

I talked to different doctors.

I move to China, I researched a LOT about Chinese medicine.
I put myself in this natural medicine treatment and went to meet the doctor every Monday. She will send me home with lots of different weird herbs in TINY quantities that made me feel great and full of energy.

Although I felt much better (happy, energetic, my head hair stopped falling…)

My period still did not come!

The doctor told me it would take a while because of all the fake hormones I was giving to my body for such a LOOOOOONG time…

However, I was committed: I would do whatever it takes.

I combined all I had learn till now:
-European medicine to understand what was the problem,
-Natural medicine 
-Learning how to listen to my body
-PCOS fight food and lifestyle from other women who had been through the same
-NLP Techniques
-Studied Educational Psychology
-I hired a mentor, a coach, a trainer

I created my own system based on a holistic point of view and science!!! And it worked for me, and it worked for my friends… and after years of mastering the process I am now ready to share it with the world.

If you want to stop trying what doesn´t work just book a FREE 30-min Consultation call with me and I will tell you about the SYSTEM that has helped women internationally.

The E.A.S.Y. system is tailored for you. It takes into account every aspect of your health: physical and emotional.

It is supported by Health Coaches, Psychologists and Doctors.

It took me 10 years and 3 countries to collect all this information from Chinese Natural Medicine, European Medicine, Psychology, Nutrition, NLP, experiences from women with PCOS and my own


Agreeing to Health Coaching can be a big decision, and if you wish to speak to me first t

o find out more, I am happy to schedule a short chat on the phone or via skype to give you more information.

Because PCOS is not about anyone else BUT YOURSELF. Are you ready to take anything it takes to reverse all our symptoms?