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Why, even though you are trying hard, PCOS symptoms don´t improve?


How to know if we are doing it right? The puzzle of PCOS

So I got a 500 pieces puzzle and I spent 30 minutes trying to fit this piece.
-Was it the puzzle that was wrong? ♠
-Was it the piece, cuz it was from another puzzle I realized, that was wrong itself?♣
– Was it me trying to fit the piece in a different puzzle who is wrong?♥

Sometimes we got obsessed with things, people, paths…

Looking for being healthy, supported by the definition h vf of health that our parents, teachers and advertisements showed to us.
Looking for love ( self-love and romantic love) that movies and songs explained us about.
Same with beauty, happiness, economy…
So we go there, doing everything it takes in order to match our ideas, images, sounds, feelings… with the ones that are stuck in our heads but…
What if those ideas are wrong? What if the frustration and difficulties in life is just us trying to fit a piece of the puzzle that is not made for that whole?
Is it the wrong puzzle or the wrong piece?

I know you try, and try, and try. I know you are exhausted but YOU ONLY GET DIFFERENT RESULTS IF YOU START DOING DIFFERENT THINGS.

If you don´t have what you want in life, change the strategy.
We will find either the piece of the puzzle that fits there or the proper whole.

SAYING GOODBYE TO EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that is not participating of that searching process.
Your own love, your own support, your own ideas of “good and bad”, “healthy and unhealthy”
Are they bringing you to the place you want to be?
And every day I realize I need to say goodbye to some thoughts, some things or some ideas.
And here I am saying goodbye to one more.

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